Affiliate Program


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TRIBALÍ is all about making ancestral eating easy. Our high quality, nutrient-dense and humanely raised proteins are developed using only ingredients you’d find in any cook’s pantry.


Our brand attracts health-conscious consumers who want to eat healthfully, mindfully and deliciously.


We put these real foods in the freezer section so they’re ready in minutes.


We know you love TRIBALÍ Foods, so we’re offering you a chance to share that love with your friends AND be compensated when they discover they love us too!


When you join our affiliate tribe, you’ll be compensated 10% of every sale made through your unique tracking link.


How it works:

  • We give you 25% off your own TRIBALÍ purchase just for signing up!
  • You promote your favorite TRIBALÍ products with your unique tracking link.
  • You make 10% commission on every purchase made through that link.
  • We keep you in the know on sales and specials, so your fans are always getting the best chance to buy.
  • Together we make healthy eating tasty, simple and attainable.


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