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Listen to Angela tell your story to EPIC Provisions Meatcast Podcast at the PaleoFx show 2018. Episode 34 Listen Here at (49.35)

As a Holistic Nutritionist, Angela’s ingredients for good nutrition are simple — eat real, whole, unprocessed food consisting of high quality proteins, colorful produce, a bit of fruit, nuts, or seeds, and a healthy dose of good fats. 

We discover how Angela started reincorporating meat into her diet after 35-years of being vegetarian and the talk about beautiful, wholesome, homemade meat products she is making today. Listen Now >

When it comes to keto, there is always something new to learn and discover! Tune in as Angela Mavridis, the founder of TRIBALÍ Foods, shares about how she relied on the ketogenic diet to help with her own health issues in the past. As a holistic nutritionist and a single mom, she also talks about how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle when raising your kids. Listen Now >

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