Ultimate Sampler Pack

The TRIBALÍ Foods Ultimate Sampler Pack includes one of each of our products for only $49.95!


Here’s What You Get - 1 Box of each of our:

  • 100% Grass Fed & Finished Organic Mediterranean Beef Patties
  • 100% Grass Fed & Finished Organic Umami Beef Patties
  • 100% Free-Range Organic Chipotle Chicken Patties
  • 100% Free-Range Organic Chicken & Apple Mini Sliders
  • 100% Natural Pork & Sage Mini Sliders


You get a total of 12 patties and 12 mini sliders for ONLY $49.95!
That’s just $2.99 per patty and $1.16 per slider!


New to TRIBALÍ Foods?

TRIBALÍ Foods seeks and sources 100% organic high-quality animal meats — from grass fed and grass finished pastured beef to free-range chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood — to create a flavorful, versatile, and nutrient-dense centerpieces for wholesome, satisfying meals. Whether you call it the Mediterranean/Greek diet, the Paleo diet or just the Real Foods diet – that’s what it is…food straight from the land and the sea, unaltered, minimally processed and as fresh as possible. Welcome to ancestral eating made for your modern world!