Eating the TRIBALÍ way is pure and simple. Just pick your patty, then play up the taste, texture, and visual appeal with colorful produce and a healthy dose of good fats.
What does Paleo Certified and Whole30 Approved mean?
What does Paleo Certified and Whole30 Approved mean?

We developed our patties to meet the requirements of today’s conscious consumer — and that means we made them as nutrition-dense and healthy as possible. Our certifications are a quick way for people to understand how committed we are to foods that help you feel good, look good, and perform well.


Paleo Certified: At the most basic level, the Paleo mark helps consumers identify products that fit their chosen eating plan. We formally identify with the Paleo Food Tribe, and our certification shows we’ve been recognized by the world’s first, largest, and most established third-party Paleo Certification Organization. For more on the Paleo Foundation, visit their website: www.paleofoundation.com


Whole30 Approved: The Whole30 protocol is a 30-day nutritional reset designed to help you end unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system. The Whole30® Approved label lets you know that we’ve been vetted by Melissa Hartwig and the Whole30 team, that our products are 100% compliant with the Whole30® protocol, and that our core values and mission are aligned with the Whole30 community. For more on Whole30, visit their website: www.whole30.com