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Count on our commitment to wholesome, ancestral ingredients gathered from nature, and prepared simply and deliciously to nurture you — body and soul.
At TRIBALÍ, our recipes are developed using fresh, simple ingredients that have sustained human beings for generations. We begin with high quality, organic protein from ranchers who raise animals humanely. We grind and season our meats with herbs, spices, veggies, and purées for fresh, honest flavor.

We are committed to real, single-sourced ingredients and a sustainable and transparent supply chain. Everything we use is raised, grown, or gathered as humanely and as sustainably as possible. To nurture both people and animals, we support practices that prioritize animal welfare. We invite you to feel good about what you eat — and eat what makes you feel good!
Happy cows are healthy cows — and when animals are raised as nature intended, it benefits both the animal and you. We source cattle that is raised on open pastures and fed on grass start-to-finish — never fattened on grain or corn. 100% organic grass fed and finished beef delivers a wonderful balance of Omega 3s, high levels of Vitamins A & E, and is rich in conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs).
To live happy and healthy, chickens must range freely and have access to chicken-friendly shelter. We use 100% organic, free-range chicken who are never kept in dark or painful mesh-bottomed cages. Free-range chicken is both leaner and more flavorful due to a varied, natural diet including foraged insects and bugs.
You can be sure of our commitment to animal welfare across every recipe. The pigs we source are raised happy in animal-friendly pens with deep bedding and plenty of room to romp. They're never fed growth hormones or antibiotics. In fact, the farms we support not only raise their pigs right, they also grow the grain that feeds those pigs, naturally.
When we develop recipes from the sea, we’ll use only wild-caught, sustainably fished salmon, tuna, or any other seafood seasoned to deliver a flavor that will always appeal to our adventurous palates.