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Eleni Checholpoulos
Angela Mavridis  |  Sep 13, 2018
As a Nutritional Therapist who has suffered through some horrible digestive and hormone issues, I’m very picky about the ingredients in my food. If it comes in a package, I scour the label for any hidden allergens or inflammatory ingredients. Packaged food usually doesn't meet my standards, and prepping all my food from scratch can sometimes take more time than I'd like, so imagine my excitement when I read the label on the back of the TRIBALÍ boxes! NO added sugar, NO gums, NO artificial flavors, NO MSG, NO inflammatory oils, NO corn, and NO fillers! There's even an Autoimmune Protocol Diet compliant flavor--and that's hard to do! And all I have to do is throw it on a pan for 10 minutes straight from the freezer?! Not to mention, the flavor and spice blends are absolutely perfect—as soon as that first bite hit my tastebuds I was completely sold!
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