Angela Mavridis  |  Aug 14, 2019

The end of August marks the most wonderful time of the year. No not the holiday season, back-to-school season. (Parents everywhere rejoice). Whether you are a parent getting the kids ready for a new school year, a student gearing up for the fall semester or just a working professional ready to get back to a normal routine after the summer season, here are ten back-to-school tips for the entire family.


#1 Adopt a Nighttime Routine

Sleep is essential to everyone, especially children. Start adopting a more structured bedtime schedule two weeks before the first day of classes to avoid any nighttime tantrums. Need to work on your own bedtime? Adopt a new nighttime routine. Turn off all screens an hour before bed then relax and unwind with a favorite activity like curling up with a good book, meditating, practicing a light yoga routine, stretching or taking a luxurious bubble bath.


#2 Be Active

Keep kids active with afterschool programs and athletics. Whether it is football, volleyball, or a running club, get your kids moving. Make sure you get moving too. The holidays are only four short months away, so what better time to join a gym or sign up for classes at a local fitness studio.


#3 Make Earth Day Every day

No need to bother with plastic bags, aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Stock up and save the earth one packed lunch at a time with reusable water bottles and glassware for all of those afternoon lunches. Just remind the kiddos to bring the glassware home and to not accidentally discard it after their lunch hour at school.

Adopt a low-waste lifestyle with these 10 tips.


#4 Pack Lunches

 To avoid any morning mishaps, pack everyone’s lunch the night before. That includes your office lunch too! Ask children to help you and make it a family affair. By having children help prepare their own lunches, they may appreciate their lunchtime meal more since they played a role in creating it. Be sure to stock up on healthy snack options like farmers market veggies, fresh fruit, and homemade nut butter.

Tip: Busy school night? Don’t worry about dinner. Just make a TRIBALÍ dinner on those busy school nights when you need something quick, convenient and don’t forget delicious! 


#5 Plan and Prepare

Before the first day of school, ask your children to pick out the next day’s outfit the night before to avoid the morning rush to make it out the door on time. Follow their lead and do the same for yourself. Whether you pack a gym bag or lay out your office outfit, do your future self a favor and plan ahead.

Tip: Make sure everyone has their after school activities bag packed and while the kids gather their belongings, pack your gym bag for your evening workout class.


#6 Schedule Play Dates

Whether you are a student or a working professional, all work and no play is not fun for anyone. Parents, schedule some fun play dates during the first month of school so your children have designated days with friends to look forward to and remember, play dates aren’t just for kids either. Plan a health and wellness date with a family member, good friend or significant other. Stay in and cook a healthy dinner together or venture out into the community and try a new workout class at a local studio. Whether you are a kid or just a kid at heart, everything's better with friends.


#7 Shop for Supplies

What’s the one thing children enjoy most about the back-to-school season? Back-to-school shopping of course. Take an inventory of what school supplies you already have on hand that may be lingering from last school year and make a list of any new school supplies you need. Past the age where you need school supplies? Stock up on back-to-school school supplies anyways. Whether it’s for your office or your home, take advantage of back-to-school specials. 5 notebooks for $5, don’t mind if we do!


#8 Stay Healthy

Cold and flu season is right around the corner, so make a conscious effort to ensure your family is getting the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals. The best way to load up on micronutrients is through real food like fresh fruits, vegetables, and quality meats, but you can always complement your healthy lifestyle with the addition of a multivitamin or various supplements.


#9 Stock up on Snacks

Hunger can strike anyone at any time and no one likes a hangry child or adult for that matter, so stock up on snacks for the house, car or office desk and never be left snack-less again. Some of our favorites include a mix of fresh fruit, homemade trail mix or raw nuts and seeds.


#10 Wardrobe Update

As we transition from the warmer summer months to the cooler months of fall, take a rainy summer day to go through you and your family’s current wardrobes and donate clothing items that no longer fit or are outdated. Take this opportunity to make room for new seasonal items that are in style for the new fall season ahead.

Whether you are a kid heading back to the classroom or an adult getting back into a fall routine, take advantage of the back-to-school season and get back to the basics of fall for both you and your family!

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