founder  |  Mar 26, 2021

March celebrates National Women’s History month, which is an annual event that highlights the contributions of women to events in contemporary society and history. In honor of National Women’s History month, our fabulous and fierce female founder, Angela Mavridis, is giving us an inside look at her life behind the scenes.

From beverages to food to workout wear, Angela shares her can’t live without, favorite, must haves. Plus, some of these brands have even included special deals and discounts just for you, our loyal community, so if you are interested in exploring new companies, take a look at some of Angela’s favorite things below.

Favorite Beauty                                 

When it comes to beauty, Angela loves brands that avoid fragrances, parabens and sulfates. Her daily go-to’s include a good non-toxic moisturizer and clean makeup. To give you that instant glow, blend in a moisturizing bronzer, which she says is the best beauty hack because it gives you that “sun-kissed” look even when you’re on the go. Although Angela loves a good beauty product, she says her favorite accessory for anyone is confidence. “You can’t find it online, you’ve gotta cultivate it from within.”

Favorite Fashion

Angela is a big fan of fashion and always looks fabulous. Currently, her latest obsessions are these handbags and comfy shoes. (I mean really, can you ever have enough of either?) Her favorite online shopping sites include Shopbop and Revolve, especially for flirty dresses and jeans. For those high-end splurges, Angela recommends checking out annual sales at Farfetch and Net-A-Porter, but if you’re shopping for the men in your life, try Huckberry and Pig & Hen.

Favorite Food & Groceries

When choosing food and groceries, Angela asks herself a few simple questions like What are the ingredients? Are these ingredients nutritious? Where does this food come from? “I look for foods that do three things: keep insulin at bay, help reduce inflammation and provide nutrients.”

Angela’s favorite place to shop is Thrive Market. She also likes to order her water from Delivery Goodness, but if you were to take a look at her weekly grocery list, some of her favorite staples include: 

When asked what her favorite go-to meal is, Angela says, “That’s easy! TRIBALÍ Foods with fresh vegetables topped with a savory dressing. “ If you want to dig into TRIBALÍ Foods for yourself, use code welcometotribali for $10 off your first order.

Favorite Instagram Accounts

Besides following @tribalifoods, Angela follows some great brands, companies and people. Check out some of Angela’s favorite follows:

Favorite Personal Care Items

As a female founder, Angela works hard every day to grow and run her business, which means she is always on the go. That means applying a non-toxic deodorant that actually works and making sure her family uses a non-toxic option as well. 

Angela also never leaves home without a non-toxic hand sanitizer, “I carry one in every handbag,” she says. If you want to try it for yourself, use code tribali20 for a 20% discount off your very first order. 

On those days where business requires travel, Angela throws her beauty and personal care products in a travel bag and can travel confidently knowing all of her items will stay organized. Another travel essential, a sleep mask.

Favorite Music, Podcasts and Ted Talks

Whether she’s walking around her neighborhood for a leisurely stroll or working out, Angela enjoys listening to music. You can even find her favorite playlist on Spotify, just look for TRIBALI Foods. 

If she isn’t jamming out to her favorite songs, Angela is catching up on podcasts. “Basically any podcast that has featured Peter Crone, ‘The Mind Architect.’ Look him up, he’s amazing!” If you’re looking for some new recommendations, check out some of Angela’s favorite podcasts including:

If Angela isn’t plugged in to a podcast, she’s tuning in to a Ted Talk. Some of her all time favorites include:


Favorite Supplements

Angela believes in getting minerals and vitamins from eating a real, whole foods diet, but she also knows sometimes your body needs an added boost and that’s when she looks to quality brands for her supplements. Some of her favorites include: 

    Angela says, “That’s me! You do you though.” Everyone is different, so what works best for Angela may not work for you. Only you know your body and health better than anyone else, so when choosing supplements, focus on your individual health needs and select products accordingly.

    Disclaimer: Before you start using a specific supplement, it’s always best to consult your primary care physician or your functional medicine practitioner. “My personal doctor and friend is Dr. Apostolos Lekkos." To find a functional medicine doctor in your area, visit www.IFM.org or www.A4M.com.

    Favorite Workouts and Workout Gear

    Angela has been an athlete her entire life. She has completed a marathon, a century ride and even trekked to the base camp of Mt. Everest. Oh and did we mention she is a mom of three? 

    It’s no surprise why Angela continues to remain an active business woman and mom. Her daily workouts consist of either biking, hiking, running, walking or weight lifting. “Lots and lots of weights,” she says. You can even follow her on Strava.

    Some of Angela’s favorite workout wear brands include:

    Her latest purchase, “Aurora Crop Rib Tank by Athleta. I have one in almost every color!”




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