Angela Mavridis  |  Mar 21, 2019

Our  team here at TRIBALÍ Foods holds only the highest standards when it comes to choosing our protein sources, ingredients and flavors. Here is how TRIBALÍ Foods sticks to the highest standards when creating our family of quality foods.

Transparent Sourcing

When animals are raised how nature intended, it benefits both you and your body, which is why we vigorously search our communities for organic protein sources that are humanely raised and sustainably sourced. Providing complete transparency within our food chain is incredibly important to us, which is why we seek to partner with brands that share our values. That means only working with sustainable farmers and ranchers we can truly trust to prioritize animal welfare. We believe happy animals are healthy animals and healthy animals provide the highest quality protein so you can thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Fact: We proudly adhere to the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) ranches here in the United States. We only source from GAP rated farms and ranches to ensure we support farmers and ranchers who raise all of their animals humanely, on grass and free of confinement.

From grass fed, grass finished and grain free beef to free-range chicken and natural pork, all of our protein sources are naturally free from added hormones, antibiotics and are Non-GMO, just the way Mother Nature intended.

When it comes to selecting herbs and spices, we source locally whenever possible, but in the few times when we cannot, we always look for Non-GMO, pesticide free herbs, spices, vegetables and purees. By omitting additives, binders, fillers and preservatives, your palette is free to enjoy our globally inspired flavors in their most natural form.

Finding Flavors

When sourcing flavors for our food, we pull inspiration from a variety of areas including our own childhoods and health journeys. For instance, founder Angela Bicos Mavridis, grew up in a Greek household of restaurant owners, so food was the center of every family celebration and occasion. (Yum!) When it came to creating our first flavor,  it was obvious to use Angela’s childhood and Greek heritage for inspiration, hence our Mediterranean Style Beef Patty.
Other flavors, like our Umami Beef Patty were inspired by Angela’s personal love of mushrooms.

Fun Fact: Umami can best be described as a savory taste in food. It is most often found embodied in broths and cooked meats. Some people even say the flavor of Umami is the sixth sense!  

After handcrafting these two flavors, our team partnered with chefs and developed other flavor profiles that were both unique and globally-inspired, yet had a universal appeal so all ages could enjoy our line of protein sources. Think flavors like Chipotle Chicken, Chicken and Apple and Pork and Sage.

When it comes to creating new flavors, our team will always continue to look to specific cultures and geographical regions for inspiration. There are so many exotic and global flavors, the culinary combinations of herbs, spices, vegetables and purees are simply endless!

Sticking to Standards

We believe pure, high quality, simple ingredients make the most flavorful food, which is why TRIBALÍ Foods always sources protein that has been humanely raised and sustainably sourced. By enjoying food and flavors the way Mother nature intended them, you can feel good about what you eat and eat what makes you feel good. Isn’t that what mindful eating is all about?

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