Angela Mavridis  |  Jun 08, 2020

Whether you are creating a more sustainable lifestyle, being more mindful of your food choices, or trying a new dietary approach like intermittent fasting, Keto, Whole30, or just Real Food Ingredients, we have all gone through changes in life and learned some new lessons.. After an especially aggressive cold and flu season this past year, we will once again need to make some changes as we all work together to find a new normal. If you are wondering where to begin, here are five tips to help you integrate back into familiarity and normalcy with your family.

#1 Eat Together

This year’s cold and flu season may have kept many of us quarantined indoors, but some of the habits we adapted during that time were for the better. For example, many of us who live with other family members spent more time together cooking and eating home cooked meals together. Whether you got nostalgic and cooked up some holiday classics, watched old sporting events and tailgated from the comfort of your own couch or made a home cooked meal every day, many families spent more time gathered around the table together. As we ease into finding a new normal, continue cooking and eating meals together as consistency can help as we adjust to finding a new normal and provides a good opportunity to discuss the new changes we are all experiencing.

Looking for recipes for all of your weekly family dinners? Check out our arsenal of recipes here.

#2 Get Outside

Nothing beats a good dose of vitamin D. Going outside may have been limited over the past few months, so take some time to get outside and spend some extra time in Mother Nature. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the cool  breeze and feel the warmth of the sunshine on your skin. Go for a bike ride, hit the local hiking trails or take a walk around your local neighborhood. Stop and say hello to nearby neighbors and remember to maintain your social distance of at least six feet. Although social distancing may not have been the norm before, nothing is wrong with giving everyone some additional personal space during this time of transition.

#3 Spend Time with Loved Ones

Over the past few months, spending time with family, friends and loved ones may have been limited to phone calls, text messages and virtual video calls, so schedule some in-person quality time with all of those near and dear to you. If you find yourself or others a little hesitant to meet in person at a crowded cafe or restaurant, get creative and plan something outdoors. Host a backyard BBQ or an outdoor picnic at a local park. This way, you can easily maintain an ample amount of space between you and others while you spend time outdoors enjoying each other's company.

Tip: Whether you host an outdoor cookout or plan a picnic, pack plenty of hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes so everyone can practice proper hand hygiene.

#4 Support Your Local Community

Supporting your local community establishments may have been second nature before, but after being homebound for the past couple of months, many of us have skipped our weekly trips to some of our favorite boutiques, cafes, restaurants and shops. If you aren’t quite ready to make reservations or spend the day shopping, simply take a walk and pop into your favorite local businesses to say hello and ask how they have been. Reassure them you will be back again soon, but for now, you simply wanted to stop in and wish them well. It may sound small, but the slightest gestures really mean the most.

#5 Travel

Traveling may not be the first thing you think of when you think of when the world opens up again, but after weeks of taking a drive just to get out of the house, plan a trip with an actual destination. We don’t necessarily mean taking a plane or train, but simply hop in the car with your family and take a drive for a day trip or weekend away. Whether you drive to a nearby national park or plan a hike in a neighboring town, traveling, even if close to home, can do wonders for you and your family.

Finding a new normal may take some time, which is expected, so remember to give yourself some grace and be patient with yourself and your entire family as you all work together to find what works best for you. Remember, we are all still in this together!

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