Angela Mavridis  |  Feb 06, 2020

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate with family, friends and of course your very own Valentine. This Valentine’s Day, show your Valentine some love with these home cooked meal ideas.

Valentine’s Day Appetizers

This Valentine’s Day, if you are hosting a group get together or a girls night in for Galentine’s Day, offer up some tasty appetizers to guests. Ask everyone to bring their favorite appetizer to pass or snack to share and celebrate Valentine’s Day potluck style. Here are some easy appetizer recipes everyone will be sure to love:

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Start your Valentine’s Day off with a hearty breakfast. Make some muffins or serve up a stack of heart-shaped flapjacks or waffles with a sweet topping like agave, honey or maple syrup. Looking for something savory? Try this Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash or spice things up with Chipotle Chicken Avocado Toast. Another egg-cellent breakfast idea are these Breakfast Egg Cups, which are easy to make and perfect for the entire family. 

Valentine’s Day Burger Bar

Build your own burger bar was a hit for Father’s Day, so why not bring it back for Valentine’s Day? Whether you are hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner or a Galentine’s Day party with all of your nearest and dearest, try some of these burger recipes you and your Valentine will fall in love with: 

Valentine’s Day Goes International

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with an international getaway by taking your Valentine's taste buds on a culinary adventure, no passports needed. 

Valentine’ s Day Veggies

Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated with sweet treats like candied hearts and chocolate, so why not switch things up with some Valentine’s Day vegetables. Whether you enjoy them as a snack or a side dish with lunch or dinner, here are some vegetables we love for Valentine’s Day:

Don’t Forget Dessert

Complete your Valentine’s Day with a sweet treat. Strawberries are perfect, not just for their red color, but because these little gems were once the symbol for Venus, the goddess of love. Serve them on their own or with melted chocolate for a delicious and decadent fondue or channel your inner cupid and try some Valentine’s Day recipes like these Chocolate Raspberry Heart Cupcakes.

Keep Valentine’s Day delicious with these Valentine’s Day recipe ideas and remember to enjoy the day celebrating with those you love most. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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