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Whether it’s the start of a new year, a new month or you are simply dabbling in a new diet or lifestyle, you may be considering the Ketogenic Diet. More commonly referred to as Keto, this lifestyle consists of eating a diet high in quality fats, moderate amounts of protein and very little carbohydrates. If you are looking for some Keto meal inspiration, here is a roundup of some of our favorite Keto friendly recipes.

Tip: Starting a Keto lifestyle for the first time? Here are a few tips to help get you started before you hit the kitchen for some cooking and meal prep.

#1 Asian Plate

A super simple & savory meal that is Keto friendly is this Asian Plate. Crunchy shredded cabbage is topped with an Umami Beef Patty and is flavored with fresh ingredients like parsley sprigs and scallions. For an added splash of flavor, include a serving or two of coconut aminos, which add a subtle touch of sweetness to a savory Asian inspired dish.

#2 Cauliflower Breakfast Skillet

If a morning bowl of oatmeal is your go-to breakfast, swap it out for something lower in carbohydrates like this Cauliflower Breakfast Skillet. Cauliflower is naturally lower in carbs, so it’s a great choice for those practicing a Keto lifestyle. Plus, it’s essentially flavorless, which provides a blank canvas for a delicious culinary creation. Top with Pork and Sage Breakfast Sliders and a small handful of blueberries, which are also a low carb option that is Keto-friendly.

#3 Chipotle Chicken Collard Burger

Bread and burger buns should be avoided on the Keto lifestyle due to their higher carbohydrate count, so swap out that traditional bread bun for a collard or lettuce leaves like in this recipe for a Chipotle Chicken Collard Burger. Two Chipotle Chicken Patties are topped with fresh eggs, crisp Whole30 approved bacon and a spoonful of avocado mayo and mustard to create a mouthwatering meal.

#4 Eggs

Eggs are an egg-cellent source of protein and pair well other quality proteins like chicken and pork. They also make an easy on-the-go meal or snack. Whip up some Breakfast Egg Cups or a Chipotle Chicken Frittata and enjoy any time of day.

#5 Mini Mushroom Sliders

An easy appetizer or savory snack can be found in this super simple recipe for Mini Mushroom Sliders. Baby Portabella mushroom caps are stuffed with crispy bacon, fresh tomato, Pork and Sage Sliders, sharp cheddar cheese and a dollop of garlic aioli mayonnaise. Is anyone else drooling yet because we are. Yum!

#6 Open-Faced Lemongrass Keto Burger

Looking for the perfect Keto burger? Look no further than this Open-Faced Lemongrass Keto Burger. An Umami Burger Patty is topped with fresh bell pepper slices, crunchy radish and sliced red onions. Enjoy with a dollop of lemongrass sauce for a flavorful meal or enjoy another burger that packs a punch of flavor in this recipe for an Umami Patty with Cilantro Avocado Sauce.

#7 Thai Turkey Zucchini Pasta

Just like traditional bread, pasta should be avoided while practicing a Keto lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy your favorite bowl of pasta. Simply make a more mindful substitute for traditional noodles. Skip the store bought boxed pasta and use homemade zoodles, zucchini noodles, instead. Give it a whirl in this recipe for Thai Turkey Zucchini Pasta.

#8 TRIBALÍ Breakfast Sliders and Real Ketones Coffee

Breakfast may be referred to as the most important meal of the day, but it can be enjoyed any time of day, especially when it’s this tasty recipe for TRIBALÍ Breakfast Sliders and Real Ketones Coffee. 

Pork and Sage Breakfast Sliders are served with a side of farm fresh eggs and avocado slices and a hot cup of coffee served with Real Ketones Coffee. Enjoying breakfast for dinner? Skip the caffeinated coffee and opt for decaf instead. Channel some international flavors with this Dominican Style Breakfast, but if you are practicing Keto, simply skip the plantains, which are higher in carbohydrates.

#9 TRIBALÍ Turkey Patty with Sauteed Veggies and Real Ketones French Vanilla Bombs

Many of us love a sweet treat after a meal, which is why this recipe for TRIBALÍ Turkey Patty with Sauteed Veggies and Real Ketones French Vanilla Bombs is perfect for the Keto lifestyle. A protein rich TRIBALÍ Turkey Patty is accompanied by a flavorful side of sauteed veggies like bell peppers, mushroom and spinach. Before the meal is complete, enjoy one or two homemade French Vanilla Bombs made with quality facts like coconut butter, coconut oil and walnut butter.

#10 Salads + Quality protein

When practicing a Keto lifestyle, it’s important to minimize carbohydrates, which can be found in many foods like fresh fruit and vegetables. However, that’s no excuse to avoid lucious leafy greens, which is why salads are the perfect meal options for a Keto lifestyle. Not only are salads delicious and easy to make, they include a solid serving of dark leafy greens. Get your dose of daily greens paired with a high quality protein and some fun flavors with some of these sensational salad recipes:

Planning a Keto meal or snack doesn’t have to be challenging. Simply refer to these ten Keto-friendly recipes and enjoy a Keto-approved meal any time!

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