Angela Mavridis  |  Sep 01, 2020

Summer may be winding down, but before you gear up for the back to school season, fall produce and football tailgating, it’s time to soak in as much of the summer season as possible. That means enjoying all of those last minute summer activities like backyard BBQs, beach days, hikes, picnics in the park and road trips. Before you check all of these items off of your summer to-do list, don’t forget to add grilling with a Labor Day weekend BBQ or cookout!

As most of us know, we are living in some strange and uncertain times, where finding a new normal can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean we have to cancel family, friends, food and fun! With proper safety precautions and social distancing practices, outdoor events, like a Labor Day weekend cookout, are completely feasible. Things may just look a little different this year, but that’s no reason not to celebrate the end of summer. Whether you plan on attending or hosting a Labor Day weekend BBQ this year, here are some mindful recipes for appetizers, side dishes, and desserts, all perfect for Labor Day weekend.

Backyard Burgers

Nothing says Labor Day weekend like a freshly grilled burger hot off the grill. Instead of shopping for traditional burgers, select more mindful options from companies that believe in a high quality farming philosophy and stick to respectable standards. When shopping, look for a variety of patty options so guests can create their own unique culinary creations. Try these Mediterranean Style Beef Patties or these Umami Style Beef Patties. Looking for something other than beef? How about Chipotle Chicken Patties or Thai Style Turkey Patties. Can’t decide? (We understand). Try a Sample Pack so you don’t miss any one of these delicious flavors.

Easy Appetizers

Whether you plan on hosting or attending a Labor Day weekend backyard BBQ or cookout, show up with an easy appetizer that everyone will enjoy. Create a colorful fruit or vegetable platter or whip up a homemade dip, hummus or salsa and pair with chips, crackers or pita bread. Channel your inner culinary creativity and make some Chipotle Chicken Salad in Lettuce Wraps or show up with some sliders like:

Savory Salads

Labor Day weekend may be the unofficial end of summer, but the temperatures are still heating up, so keep guests cool with some simple salads. Whether you choose something savory or sweet, these salad recipes include fresh ingredients that can be gathered from your backyard garden or community farmers market.

Tip: Hosting a Labor Day weekend brunch? Check out our arsenal of breakfast recipes perfect for your breakfasts or brunches.

Simple Side Dishes

Although backyard burgers may be the star of your Labor Day weekend, side dishes are just as important. Select recipes that complement the flavors of your Labor Day entree and include a variety of options so guests have a variety to choose from. Some of our favorite side dishes include.

Something Sweet and Delicious Desserts

A Labor Day weekend celebration would not be complete without something sweet, so don’t forget dessert. Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, fresh fruit, homemade ice cream and slices of pie are all delicious dessert options. You can even make your own French Vanilla Bombs, perfect for sharing with guests.

The end of the summer season doesn't mean summertime grilling has to end. Add these summertime recipes to your end of summer wish list and enjoy the last blast (and bite)  of summer.

Need some inspiration for all of your end of summer grilling? Check out these recipes.

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